About the Confederate States Wikia

The Confederate States Wikia pertains to a Confederate States that never was. It is non-politically correct, yet it is encyclopedic in nature, but fictional in most of its content, as it presents a CSA that won its war for independence. Articles present a world with a victorious Confederate States and include different subjects that relate to the CSA in some way or another.

The Institution of Slavery, long identified with the South, was abolished in the period following the War.

Much of this wiki doesn't take into account the so-called "Butterfly Effect" since the presentation of the CSA here is an idealized version. There is, however, evidence to suggest that should the Confederacy have won, slavery would not have endured long thereafter; its economic feasibility as society was becoming more technologically advanced was becoming less apparent.

Heritage NOT Hate!

Devotion to Southern Heritage to include, but not limited to, the War of Northern Aggression (1861-1865), the Antebellum Period (Pre-1861) and Confederate Flags and Symbols isn't racial hatred, nor is it evidence of white supremacy. Those who use Confederate Flags and Symbols in a manner that espouses white supremacy dishonor the Confederacy and the memory of our Confederate ancestors who fought for liberty and freedom from a government they saw as becoming more intrusive and tyrannical.

Statement on Race

While there is evidence (less than 1/3rd) to prove that some black slaves where treated with utmost cruelty at the hands of their masters; there is even greater evidence proving that most slave-owners (about 69%) treated their slaves in a manner that is consistent with Jesus Christ's admonition - "...whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them..."

In the present-day, the leaders of the black community apparently seem bent on sowing the seeds of hatred and resentment toward all whites; even though not a single white person living today was alive when slavery existed in the United States. This hatred and resentment, that permeates every generation of blacks, does nothing to foster good relations between blacks and whites. Black churches are the most prominent source for this trend as evidenced by the recently surfaced teachings of Jeremiah Wright, the former Paster of Trinity United Church of Christ.

If Blacks and Whites are to live up to Martin Luther King Jr's Dream, then ALL RACISM (Black racism as well) must NOT be tolerated. Racism does nothing to help a people and certainly has no lasting POSITIVE benefit.


As has been stated before the Confederate States Wikia presents a Confederate States that never was. Depicting a modern-day CSA with slavery having long since been abolished though seems idealistic, but not outside the realm of possibility. By the time of the War of Northern Aggression, Slavery was quickly becoming an economic dead-end. So it is very likely that an independent Confederate States would have eventually abolished that institution.

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